The Path Toward Forgetfulness (split album 2012)

by Shyy

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released April 4, 2012



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Shyy São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Her, Her Landscape
The way she sees the world seems the way she reads
And all the letters become shuffled every season
And the world becomes a schizophrenic poetry
And her place is in the white space beteween lines of it
As long as someone give her their fantasies
She´ll not stay enclosed in her own melancholy
Getting involved in a world of fantasy
All she needs to live here is guaranteed

As she draws, the world is going throught her guts
And as she scribbles, it´s no longer there
If she plunges into her own intimacy
back to the drawning and makes it repugnant
Track Name: Sobriety
I see the flashes that lighten up my steps in a new path of ecstasy and delight.

The worthy transcendence of each moment of light blurs my mind
I don't recall the past anymore, don't even think of the future
I feel the pleasure pumping in my heart

Leaves have been torn from my own mind
Where should I begin?
I see clearly the world that surrounds me
That grabs me, completes me, turning me into the void

Gushing the unsustainable lightness of my spirit consecrating me in my steady redemption.
In sobriety I awake, my hands tremble